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Sweeping and Detail Milling

With Allstates, you don’t have to find an extra subcontractor to get your surfaces ready for paving, Upon request we can prepare the surface for you. All you have to do is show up and pave 

We provide sweeping services to remove debris, dirt, and loose material to maintain a clean and tack-ready surface. And as the pavement project is wrapping up, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to smooth out imperfections, create clean edges, and correct any remaining issues. 

When you work with Allstates, you’ve got a full-scale partner that consistently delivers high-quality work from preparation to paving to final product, eliminating the hassle of hiring extra subcontractors.


Trust Allstates’ experience in taking a pavement project from start to finish. We’ve got the versatility to fill in whatever gaps you need on your pavement project.